Thanksgiving Coloring Pages & Interesting facts about Turkeys

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, it is a perfect time to spend time with your family and color Thanksgiving Coloring Pages. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. We get to eat some great food and most importantly spend quality time with our loved ones.

There are many reasons behind why this is my favorite holiday. This holiday is all about cooking and eating yummy foods and most importantly you don’t need to feel guilty about eating too much. Thanksgiving also brings your family and friends together and gives you chance to catch up with everyone.

Did you know that Americans eat 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving became a national holiday in 1863. President Abraham Lincoln picked the last day of November for this beautiful holiday. Later it was changed by President Franklin to the fourth Thursday of November to allocate more days for holiday shopping.

In the United States of America, there are about 232 million turkeys raised each year with the majority in the state of Minnesota. Thanksgiving is an American holiday and it is celebrated in 117 million households across the country.

Here are some fun Turkey facts:

  • Wild turkeys love to sleep in trees.
  • Male turkeys gobble while female turkeys make a chirping noise.
  • Turkey can fly short distances at the speed of 55 miles per hour.
  • They have the ability to see 360 degrees, the whole way around thanks to their eyes being on the side of their heads.
  • The skin on top of turkey’s head changes colors to red, blue, and white and it mostly happens when they get excited or anxious.

Thanksgiving is coming soon and we challenge you to give thanks for all the blessing and bounties with your loved ones, eat a lot of good food, and last but not the least do color these beautiful Thanksgiving coloring pages that we have collected just for you.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Cool Turkey with Hat Thanksgiving Coloring Page
This Turkey with Hat is looking very cool but doesn’t know that Thanksgiving is near. Thanksgiving Coloring Page
Cool Turkey Thanksgiving Coloring Page
Cool Turkey Thanksgiving Coloring Page
Happy Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids
Happy Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids
I am not a Turkey Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Pages
I am not a Turkey Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page
Thankgiving Coloring Pages with Fruits
Thanksgiving Coloring Page with Fruits
Thanksgiving Coloring Pages with Caillou
Thanksgiving Coloring Page with Caillou
Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids
Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Page for Kids

We hope you liked these Thanksgiving coloring pages. We will be back soon with more awesome coloring pages for all of our loving visitors. Thank you so much for your support and please don’t forget to share us with your friends and family.